Commercial Lending

We have been in the commercial “Hard Money” lending business for over 30 years. Creative Finance & Investments specializes in innovative and creative financing solutions for investment real estate in the Montana, Idaho, & Wyoming area. Our privately funded commercial purchase Loans and Commercial Refinance Loans depend primarily on the current value of the Real Estate and the borrower’s ability to make payments. We work hard to come up with a solution for getting your deal done.  Our staff has over 30 years’ experience, and can often look at a situation from just the right angle to get an otherwise untenable situation figured out.
The current economic climate and a cautious market have created many difficulties in the Commercial Real Estate market.  Many are not able to get conventional commercial loans in today’s lending environment and are turning to Hard Money commercial loans instead.  We can lend up to 60% of the value of a Commercial property; our borrowers need to have 40% cash equity or cash down. This is a requirement unless the Seller is willing to carry back a small portion of the sales price, in which case, we can look at a loan with the borrower bringing in 10% to 20% down. Most of our Loans are amortized over 20 years with a required balloon payment in 3 to 5 years. We offer flexible payment options such as annual, quarterly or monthly to meet your particular needs.

We lend on all types of Commercial Real Estate such as:

Apartment Buildings

Office Buildings and/or Condos

Mobile Home Parks

RV Parks

Storage Unit Facilities


Taverns & Bars

Call us with your scenario and we will listen. We won’t waste your time filling out applications; if we don’t think a deal is going to work we’ll tell you. 1-406-721-1444